Bio-Blitz at Unity Pond Summer Course at Unity College

Bio-Blitz at Unity Pond

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Course: BI 1882

Instructor: Randy Colvin
Dates: August 6-10
Credit: 2 credits
Cost: $1515 (includes room and board)

This course is meant to expose students to the diversity of our area and allow students to get hands-on experience using a wide variety of collection techniques. Students will explore different species of plants, fish, insects and other organisms to get a quick snapshot of the biodiversity of Unity Pond.This experience will inspire students to be environmental stewards, while they gain a vast breadth of field capture techniques and experience with hands-on fieldwork, data collection, and documentation.

Available to ages 17 and up!

  • Registration ends June 1
  • Payment is due June 22
  • Refund 100% prior to the first day of selected class, but after that, there will be no refunds.
  • No add-drop during the course
  • Withdraw deadline is day 2 of the course
  • ACCESS Unity:  Students needing accommodations under ADA should contact Lisa Bierre (ADA Coordinator) at before the class start date.