WF 3893 Wildlife Capture and Chemical Immobilization

This unique 1-week course is designed to provide students a hands-on learning experience capturing and immobilizing carnivores. The course will held at the Wildlife Science Center (WSC) in Columbus, MN. At WSC, students will attend lectures and participate in interactive labs on wildlife capture and immobilization. Students will learn about safe capture techniques, pharmacology, delivery systems, patient monitoring, and more.

Several carnivore species will be used as ambassadors for learning, including black bears, wolves, and mountain lions. The culmination of the course will involve capturing, immobilizing, examining, and vaccinating a group of wolves from WSC’s captive population. Students will be required to pass a final exam to earn a certification in wildlife capture and immobilization.
Credits: 3
Tuition: $1,575
Room and Board: $1,000.00
Prerequisites: WF2433 Wildlife Techniques
Instructor:  Dr. Jack Hopkins
Sunday, May 14 – Leave campus and fly to MN
Saturday, May 20 – Leave MN and return to campus