Unity College Summer Bridge

The boots on the ground head start to college success

Summer Bridge

Unity College Summer Bridge will be held July 30 – August 19, 2017. Students earn six credits upon successful completion of the program. Cost for the program is $3,800, which includes room and board.

Note that room and board are provided for students who choose to remain on campus between the end of the Bridge program and New Student Orientation for fall term (August 26).

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Get a Jump. The Unity College Summer Bridge program is designed to give incoming students who love the outdoors a fast start to college. The transition to college is the perfect opportunity to identify the ways that students learn best and the resources available for any areas that may provide a challenge. To get the most from any learning experience, students need to be fully present and focusing their attention on the moment. Mindfulness strategies help to build the capacity for this kind of engagement. Students build problem-solving skills through the exploration of real sustainability issues that Mainers are facing every day.

Sharpen Academic Skills While Exploring Maine. A critical part of learning is knowing how you learn. What are your strengths? What strategies can you use to increase your success? What resources does Unity College provide? The Summer Bridge program is designed to help you understand your learning needs and goals because your success at Unity College, and beyond, depends upon it. Trips throughout Maine will serve to anchor classwork on campus as you draw on and deepen your skills in mathematics, writing, and science. You will use this information to make decisions about complex sustainability issues.

Get Connected. Summer Bridge students spend three weeks learning, traveling, and making connections.

Recreational Opportunities. Summer Bridge is not all work and no play! Students have daily opportunities to participate in recreational activities like paddling on Unity Pond, climbing in the gym, and exploring the trails surrounding Unity’s campus. In addition, students will participate in weekend trips to various regional attractions like Acadia National Park and Lake St. George.

Housing. All Summer Bridge students will be housed together in Unity’s new climate controlled residence hall. A Unity Resident Advisor lives with students. Students will be able to bring all of their belongings and supplies with them when they arrive in late July. If you have a personal laptop, please bring it with you to Summer Bridge.

Summer Bridge FAQs

Q: Who should attend the Unity College Summer Bridge?

  • Any student entering Unity College (Fall 2017).

Q:  How will the Summer Bridge course help me get ahead

  • You will work with our PhD faculty and education consultants to assess and improve your math, writing, and computer skills. You will learn about sustainability science, the framework that underlies the curriculum across Unity College. And you will complete the Unity Experience course (2 credits) that is required for all first-year students, freeing up some time in your fall schedule for you to take different courses or to lighten your credit load if you need the extra time to ensure academic success.                                                                      
  • Also, six Unity College credits will put you ahead of the pack. The goal of every freshman is to become a sophomore. To be a sophomore you need to successfully complete thirty credits. The six credits you earn in the Summer Bridge program gets you significantly closer to being a sophomore. 
  • Since the Unity Experience course is taken during Summer Bridge, you will not have to take it in the Fall semester, freeing you up for other options.

Q:  I’m an advanced student. How will Summer Bridge work for me?

  • If you’re used to getting ahead as a student, Summer Bridge is made for you! By coming one month early you will get set up and ready to succeed, earn six credits ahead of schedule, and get to know and work with Unity College faculty.

Q: How much does Summer Bridge cost?

  • The six credit Summer Bridge course costs $3,800.  – A significant saving over normal credit tuition also includes room and board. The Nova program costs $400 and is billed separately. All Summer Bridge students must participate in the Nova program.

What do Summer Bridge faculty and staff have to say?

“With individual instruction in writing, students learn about their personal strengths and weaknesses, students learn that they have choices as writers, and they learn how to make effective choices.” Dr. Stephanie Wade, Director of Writing

“What is different about our program is that we are focusing broadly on building students’ capacity for productive engagement in learning. We build this capacity by providing explicit support for academic, social, and self-care behaviors and by providing students with an opportunity to experience success in an academically challenging context where they are drawing on data to make decisions about real environmental problems.”
Dr. Jennifer Cartier, Director of Teacher Education

“What’s exciting from a technology perspective is that students will get a head start connecting devices and getting online.  They’ll have a chance to become familiar with Unity IT and work on their Computer Proficiency requirement.  Maybe best of all, students will  have their technology ready BEFORE classes begin in order to make a good start.”
– Ben Stafford, Instruction Technology Specialist

Summer Bridge Refund Policy

A $1000 non-refundable deposit is due by July 1, 2017 and the balance for the program is due by July 15.

Students officially withdrawing from Summer Bridge will result with the following reductions:

  • Prior to the first day of classes 100% excluding the non-refundable $1,000.00 Deposit
  • 1-2 calendar days – 75%
  • 3-4 calendar days – 50%
  • 5th calendar day – 25%
  • 6 or more calendar days – 0%

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